21st Century Community Learning Centers

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Elmore County received four federal grants to establish 21st Century Community Learning Centers at the aforementioned schools. This extended-day program is part of the "No Child Left Behind" incentive of the federal government and is overseen by the state government.  It is a highly supervised and highly effective after-school enrichment program that will strive to:

- Improve the academic performance, attendance, and behavior of our students.

- Allow opportunities for adult education programs for our parents.

- Allow sponsorship and endorsement opportunities for our local community services and organizations.

- Reinforce the efforts of classroom teachers and administrators in their quest to produce responsible and productive citizens and life-long learners.

- Reinforce the efforts of Elmore County Public Schools to provide relevant, engaging, positive learning environments where students are empowered to realize their self-worth through continuous academic, social and emotional growth.

This is an ENRICHMENT program.  Your child will not receive school credits, although we believe that overall academic performance will be enhanced by participation in our various activities.  Homework time and physical activities will be provided, as well as academic strengthening. The curriculum will be unique at each center.

This program is VOLUNTARY, therefore the requirements to meet the special needs of students are not strictly enforced.  We will do our best, however, to accommodate all applicants.

This is a FAMILY program.  We will have learning and sharing opportunities for the adults that affect the lives of our students, too!  Family participation is a must.

This is a COMMUNITY program!   Our participants will have many opportunities to learn from community leaders and partners and to give back to their community through service projects.

The program operates from 3 pm to 5:30 pm on all days that school is in operation for a full day.  Each center will offer 80 hours of field trips and enrichment during the summer. There is meager tuition charged that will help sustain the program in the future. Families with more than one child participating will qualify for a discount on tuition.

We believe that:

- All students can learn.

- environments, qualified teachers, committed support staff, challenging curricula and effective leaders.

- All students deserve a quality education that focuses on the whole child.

- All students should be accountable for their own educational goals, success and behavior.

- All students deserve a nurturing environment that promotes a feeling of self-worth.

- Education is a shared responsibility among the home, the school, and the community.

- Educated citizens are vital to our society.

- Progress in education requires a willingness to change.

Contact Celeste Tilley, Project Administrator, for more information.
PH: 334-567-1200