Elmore County Child Development Centers
Elmore County Child Development Centers Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can my preschooler ride the bus to school?

No. He/she cannot ride the bus to school. All of our preschool children must be brought to school by a parent and walked into the building and signed in.

2. Do you allow guest visitors?

Yes. We encourage parent's, grandparent's aunt's, uncles, etc... to come read a book to the class or eat lunch with us.  We also have visitors bring in display's from other cultures that we talk about or some bring something to show the children like a firetruck for Fire Prevention Month.

3. Do you close down when the schools close for the holidays and summer?

No. We are open year round.  We offer a wonderful summer program that the children love. We only close a few days out of the year.

4. Do you do drop ins?


5. Do you have 1/2 day or part-time preschool programs?

No. You may choose to send your child 1/2 day or only a couple of days per week, but the fee remains full price.

6. Do you offer before school care?

No for MCDP, ECDP, HCDP, but yes for WCDP for a fee. If you have a special circumstance and cannot get to work on time and your child is registered in our program, then we will watch your child and walk them over to the school for an extra fee of $10 a week. This is at the Wetumpka Program.

7. Do you take field trips with the preschool children?

Yes. We do take several trips throughout the year with the help of our parents and grandparents helping out with volunteering to drive for us. Parent's please remember all children must have a car seat or booster seat when we go on a field trip.

8. Do you use a curriculum?

Yes. For our K3 and K4 programs, we use the Easy Breezy curriculum.

9. If the elementary schools close for bad weather, Child Development Programs close?

Yes. Anytime the schools close for bad weather we will also close. We will notify WSFA 12 and Cumulus radio stations and call all to parents to have you pick up the children as soon as possible.

10. Is lunch provided?

No. You may bring a lunch or you may buy a lunch from the lunchroom. School lunch cost $2.50 a day.  You may also fill out a free/reduced form to see if you qualify for free lunch. We do have a refrigerator and microwave so we can heat up anything you send.

You may fill out the free/reduced form on the website at http://www.elmore.schoollunchapp.com/

11. Is Speech therapy available for my preschool child?


12. Is there a "free" week of tuition or a vacation week?

No. Prices are as low as we can go to be fair to you and to cover the cost of goods, pay the expences, and pay the help it takes to make sure your children are well taken care of.

13. Is there a registration fee?

$30 per year per child.

14. Is this a daycare or preschool?

Preschool. Our program is a preschool program and an after-school program.

15. Is there a discount for more than one child?

Yes. There is a $5 discount for each child after the first.

16. What ages do you start taking children?

Infants in MCDP, 2 in WCDP, 3 in ECDP and HCDP.

17. What are your hours of operation?

7:00 a.m. -  6:00 p.m. We are open 7:00-6:00 p.m. Monday-Friday.

18. What is the child/teacher ratio?

15 to 1.

19. What is the fee per week?

$95 preschool $55 after school.

20. When my child is out sick for a week, do I get a discounted fee?

No. The full tuition price is still due regardless of attendance. The only discounted weeks are Christmas break, New years, and Spring break. We offer a low tuition cost just enough to cover salaries, snacks, and what supplies are needed to keep us running. We want to be fair to our parents and keep the tuition at a rate that is affordable during these hard times.