Marshall Anderson Challenge Course (MACC)
Located in beautiful Wetumpka, Alabama off of Hwy 14, this course is created to build self-confidence and teamwork. Your experience will be lead by knowledgeable staff that will provide participants with a safe and rewarding experience. This course can accommodate a minimum of 12 participants both young and old. The Marshall Anderson Challenge Course accepts all groups. Appointments are available on weekdays and weekends. Allow four hours to complete the Challenge Course.

If you have any questions or would like to make a reservation please contact:
Merry Hysmith

Beth Roberts, Sixth Grade Teacher, Wetumpka Intermediate School:

The Challenge Course provides excellent opportunities for team-building. Games and activities encourage groups of students to work out problems together and to support one another. Students were not pressured into participating in any of the activities, although most of the students chose to take part in the many adventures such as scaling a rock wall or taking a harnessed leap from a 25-foot pole.

I would recommend this trip for any class, although I think the activities could be easily stretched into more than a one-day adventure. The program is very well organized. I would like to go again next year.

Debi Perkins, Fourth Grade Teacher, Redland Elementary School:

We had the extreme pleasure to be invited to a day at the challenge course. Our two classes were a little bewildered as to what they might be doing but once we got there they soon lost their apprehension and began to have a wonderful time. The two classes were broken down into several homogeneous groups with well-trained staff members who immediately began to put the children at ease. The activities took the children through the day building their reliance on their group and at the same time increasing the difficulty of the task encountered. No one was forced to do any more than they felt comfortable doing and everyone in the group encouraged their fellow group members to participate without teasing; only uplifting comments were made. The spirit of cooperation was overwhelming. Group members cheered for other group members as they pushed the group to higher achievement level. It was a wonderful experience for my children and I would love to take my classes every year.

Challenge Course